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Full Version: Beyblade Life hacks
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Hey bladers, I would like all of the life hacks you invented. So, post your Beyblade life hacks here and chill out with others and learn about their beyblade life hacks.

Disclaimer: I had a hard time deciding if this was going into General or your Creations, so, it's has been put in General. If this thread belongs in your creations, please alert me now.
Okay, I got a really good one. Life hacks don't exist kid
(Dec. 22, 2019  7:48 AM)OriginalDankstr Wrote: [ -> ]Okay, I got a really good one. Life hacks don't exist kid

There's no reason to be this aggressive, especially when there are indeed some things in Beyblade one could call a "life hack".

A more obvious one is to utilize softer launches when using any sort of spin equalizer against a combination spinning the opposite direction (though it's worth noting that Cho-Z Spriggan isn't actually good at that despite its similar combinations and needs a harder launch to win most matchups). By spinning slower you're increasing your own control, limiting any sort of aggressive movement, and maximizing your chances of bursting your opponent as they catch onto your slower spinning layer.
I guess one beyhack that I use is a reverse-tilt launch. I usually use this launch when I have an aggressive forge disc (like blitz) or attack frame (like Dagger or Hit)
As it helps promote disc-to-layer contact..
a lifehack/pro tip I have for using TT string launchers:
Pinch the string handle and let it slip out between your fingers at the end so you can have a strong launch while minimizing launcher wear.