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Full Version: Foreign Beyblade names
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I am interested in finding out which Beyblade names Takara Tomy took from foreign dictionaries :)

So let's start collecting. Of course, let's exclude names from Greek mythology like "Valkyrie" - those are obviously just names of heroes or creatures.

German Dictionary: 

Kreis Satan. Kreis means Circle. I suppose they chose this name cause its circular shaped (at least relatively circular).

Zwei Longinus: Zwei means Two. I suppose they chose this name cause it has two dragon heads (instead of 4 as Nightmare Longinus had).
Well Blaze Ragnarok and Maximum Garuda’s driver is Flugel, which means “wings” in German.
The driver Zeta stands for the sixth letter in the Greek alphabet. Nothing too special there.
The glaive frame means sword in Latin I think?
Jlearn says the definition of Bushin is God of Military arts
Kaiser Kerbeus-Kaiser means king in German
Yaeger Yggdrasil- Yaeger apparently means hunt or chase in German
Sieg Xcalibur-sieg is German for victory
Geist Fafnir- geist is German for mind/spirit (or ghost)
Zephyr means wind (don’t know the origin)
And the mugen drivers means infinite in japanese
That’s about all I can think of for burst, not sure about mfb yet
You are right, I forgot those. Thank You.

Just some additions: "glaive" is french for broadsword.

Jäger=hunter (transcripted to Yaeger)

Zephyr comes from Zephyros (greek god of wind).