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Full Version: New To This Stuff, Need Help
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Would Spiral Dragonis WA130MF be a top tier combo in the limited format???
I've been thinking of buying a few beys so I can make a top tier limited format combo. The combo I'm trying to make is Screw Dragonis WA130MF. Screw is one of or the bestĀ attack wheel in the limited format. WA can defend from low defenders and adds a bit more smash attack to the bey. MF or Metal Flat has the best stamina out of all the flats and rubber tips. It also goes very well with Screw.

Tell me if you would see this as a top tier combo.
Hi! Welcome to WBO! I see you have lots of questions about MFB combos. Have you considered asking them in the random thoughts thread at
MFB: Standard :: Primer and Random Thoughts Thread?

Please be careful about posting threads twice, posting threads with vague titles, and posting redundant threads.

I will try to copy these posts into that thread or a single thread.