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Full Version: Florida Beyblade Tournament Report: RIP 4 CHARITY! @ GoTE XL19 - 11/02/2019
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Florida Beyblade Tournament Report: RIP 4 CHARITY! @ GoTE XL19 Charity 25HR Game-A-Thon

November 2nd, 2019 during the GoTE XL19 Charity 25HR Game-A-Thon at Minnreg Hall in Largo, Florida, USA

[Image: HMP5EPM.png]


We had everyone except one show up, who was replaced by another blader that was present.  There were also about 5+ people that registered on-site and were able to make WBO accounts.  After this, we were able to start the Swiss Format Tournament at about 1:10PM.  Didn’t take long and not many people were confused about the point systems.  I had Judge’s Guides printed out for the judges.

We had four B-09 stadiums to work with, and many judges.  The judges mainly consisted of myself and other older bladers that were familiar with organized gaming, digital or otherwise.  We were all able to keep matches going and report them in challonge, and then as all of the judges were participating, we did those matches.  So that was very good.  We finished 2 rounds of Swiss in about 50 minutes.

Now, this was the only thing and it was very minor (I cannot stress that enough).  Most of the younger bladers would start non-tournament matches in the stadiums as soon as they were available.  However they understood very clearly to relieve the stations when tournament matches were assigned/happening and we only had to reiterate the rule to keep the tournament stations clear one time.

As far as the actual beys seen, the meta is not anywhere close to what you see in other places.  Most of the field had Hasbro stock combos.  The Top 9 in this tournament were mostly people that had Lord, Atomic, Bearing or another TT (stamina) style combo.  I did not see Balkesh B3 at all at this tournament, I was hoping that one of the younger bladers would have happened upon a winning combination post and have a lightbulb moment.

We finished the 5 rounds at about 3:30-ish, with only two very young bladers dropping out.  They were both extremely tired.


informed us that we were able to have the full Top 8 streamed on Twitch.  So that will be available on the Twitch archive at  So anyone curious can check that out!  

(Literal oofs for ProfeLoco as he self-KO’d nearly 3-4 times to lose to AdmiralFunk in Quarters)

My quarters match was versus Daiga, and after the first launch where he bursted to my Lord combo, I could see that he was very nervous.  He was a younger blader, so I understand that he was very tense throughout.  I won 5-0 on points.

My semis match was against NearlyFatal, who I faced and defeated at CEOtaku at a tournament I held before full becoming a WBO Organizer.  We had discussed things before and really though that Lord and the GT Triple Booster were the way to go.  However, it seemed he was very interested in the Cho-Z Valkyrie combo he had.  I was very fortunate to knockout his pP combo with Lord.  This was me going over 6-1.

In the 3rd Place match it was Nitrox vs NearlyFatal.  Nitrox basically used one bey the entire tournament: Zwei Diabolos Sting Jolt’.  NearlyFatal was able to use his deck to defeat Nitrox 6-2.

In the Grand Finals, I thought there was a definitive chance I could lose because I decided to switch from Lord/Judgment/pP to Lord/Judgment/Zwei.  AdmiralFunk was ALSO using one bey the entire tournament: LC Hell Salamander Vanguard Octa.  He bursted my Zwei combo in the first round.  After, I was able to score a KO with Judgment but in the subsequent round I self-KO’ed.  I was able to score enough with Lord to win the tournament.


All in all it was a very good event and I was able to pinpoint some things I wanted to address at future tournaments.  All of the parents and other bladers did not have any particular feedback other than they wanted to play more (lol), which they definitely did after Finals were over.

Thank you everyone for reading!



Thank you to , , , , , and for (in no particular order) hosting the overarching event, getting us stream time, commentating, judging matches and everything in between!


1st Place:
Lord Spriggan 10Cross Xtend+ (Group and Deck Format)
Judgment Dragon 0Bump Xtreme' Zan (Group and Deck Format)
Lord Spriggan Sting Bearing (Deck Format Finals Only)

2nd Place:
LC Hell Salamander Vanguard Octa (Group and Deck Format, he only used this one bey in the whole tournament)

3rd Place:
Perfect Phoenix 10 Atomic (Group and Deck Format)
Cho-Z Valkryie Zenith Spiral (Group and Deck Format)


HERE is a photo gallery! (Note: I didn't really have much of a thought about taking multiple pictures so it's mostly stuff from my girlfriend.)

Video soon to come when I process them!
Well hope you had a great time organizing your first tournament! This tournament report was put up really fast as well so I like to see that you're commited Grin
Updated with an image gallery. Videos should be up soon, tonight or by tomorrow morning.