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Full Version: Minecraft Server
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So I have made a minecraft survival server and am looking for players to join if you play minecraft please look at my server

put this IP in to multiplayer java edition minecraft and read the rules hope to see you guys on the players list Smile

server is running
Are you sure that the server is running?
yes but when players are not on for 10 mins it shuts down let me know if you want we to get it running

so ya when ever you want me to start the server back up let me know
I've been playing Minecraft for 5 years now. And every time I thought about stopping playing it, new updates came out from the developers.  I was sorry to stop playing because I put so much effort and time into it. I created my own world and got so much experience. Now I go rarely and play only on servers with friends. You can meet participants from all over the world on the servers. I have a lot of respect for this game and everyone who likes it. The fact that human imagination has no boundaries, of course, proves Minecraft. It may not be mainstream any more, but I don't think there's a teenager who hasn't tried it.
(Mar. 31, 2021  8:46 PM)JohnstonAndrea Wrote: [ -> ]I've been playing Minecraft for 5 years now. This game began to rot since the release of update 1.9, which radically changed the system. Has anyone played?

dude. have you not seen 1.13 and over? 1.13: actual swimming fish and swimming. 1.14: pillagers. 1.15: bees and honey. 1.16 (by far the best) nether stuff and piglins and that netherite stuff.