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Full Version: Beyblade - Black Dranzer A27 & Wolborg A11 + Battlecase Opinions?
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**UPDATE: Listed on Ebay

I do not know a whole lot about Beyblades. Can anyone give me an estimate on pricing for a 2004 Beyblade G-Revolution Battlecase with the Black Dranzer A27 & Wolberg A11 Beyblades in New Condition? Both blades are in their original plastic pouch (never opened and with their launchers). I have not been able to find another person who has these Beyblades in New Condition so I cannot find comparisons. I believe they are First Edition. I know that the Takara Tomy Blades are now preferred for battle but it seems these would make a really cool collector item for a die hard blader? Please let me know your opinions. We haven't listed them for sale yet anywhere, we are just trying to learn more about them.

[Image: wkorbbz4c1r31.jpg]
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