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Full Version: Correspondent series
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Is the following Analogy correct?

Hasbro burst original = TT burst original and dual layer
evolution = TT dual layer (and some 15th anniversary burst original)
Turbo switchstrike = god layer
Turbo Slingshock = cho z (plus turbo has some recolored burst/dual layers)?

 I mean which hasbro beys have a correspondent variant in the TT universe.
Hasbro Burst Original = TT Single Layer + [x]2 are TT Dual Layer
Hasbro Burst Evolution [x]2 = TT Dual Layer + some Hasbro exclusives
Hasbro Evolution SwitchStrike = God Layer
Hasbro Turbo SwitchStrike = Cho-Z without Slingshock gimmicks and some may have partial metal parts + some God Remakes
Hasbro Turbo Slingshock = Cho-Z without metal + Dual Layer remakes + Hasbro exclusives; all with Slingshock Drivers
Thank You very much. That's a very good overview.

Just one addition: Caynox & Wyvron W2 Dual Pack from Hasbro Evolution has a TT Single Layer Bey (Caynox = Chaos Oval Gyro)

So correct correspondence:

Hasbro Burst Evolution [x]2 = TT Dual Layer + some Hasbro exclusives + some TT Single Layer (without [x]2)