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Full Version: Takara-Tomy's L/R Light Launcher
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Hi everybody! Do you know if the launcher featured in the Ace Dragon's set is the same that Legend Spriggan and Spriggan Requiem also had in their ones? They sucked (no power at all, mainly), somebody said it was because of several TT's problems in their factories. So, it's just a re-painted version of those two or a completely new mold?
These launchers have always had something wrong, even the purple and white who came out a while ago and a lot of bladers reported about breaks in the very first hours of use.
Thanks for reading.
I got the purple white one, b-112, and its amazing. No quality Problems. I just ordered the second one.
I didn’t know Takara had problems with the R/L
launchers. Good thing I brought two. Maybe I should get the 3rd.