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Full Version: If you could have a beyblade partner what would it be
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So like, you just list all of the aspects of the beyblade, what it is called, combo, and special moves

                     Plus just list anything else you want to about your partner.  If this is a popular thread, I will post about my partner

I just like to read up on peoples custom beys, cause there creativity is just awsome.
If I had a bey I would name it photon Chimera or pC and it's a balance type as a chimera has 3 heads and I feel like balance type suits it. I would use Dimension', Blitz disk and Goku layer weight. Special moves - attack mode : photon blitz, Nova Armageddon. stamina mode : photon spin, Galaxy Breaker. defence mode : photon guard, Cipher Cyclone.

Full combo pC.Bl.Dm' Goku

I'm a yugioh fan if you can't tell by these names lol
I have a bey:-

Mental Hephaestus . Disorder. Effect

As you Know Hephaestus is a Greek god Of Forges, Fire.

His Avatar is like He have Two hands and Two Hammers in his Hands with Fire Burning in them. He is big as Giant, With very long beard and Moustache. With fire cracking out of his eyes.

The weight of the bey is very disbalance ,one side it has A Hammer shaped attack point while other has rubber.
His disk is Disorder ,it has Three clicks, while it change it form when clicks happen at first it is a heavy attacking disk, while second, it transform into half rubber- half Heavy metal, in third it fully takes its rubber out.

Not much for Effect it is more like Absorb.
Infinite Poseidon.Block.Cyclone

Poseidon is the Greek God of water so i made this bey with my imagination!

Combo abbreviation: inP.Blk.Cy.
Infinite Poseidon: attack type layer with 4 contact points shaped in the form of Poseidon's legendary trident and has yellow eyes in the middles of the bey. Tridents are made of metal and the layer is dual spin
Block: Basically is a rounder Vanguard with some twists. When the bey reaches 2 clicks its internal metal ring pops out and makes the bey more unbalanced by replacing the outer plastic ring and swapping half of it with metal and putting the plastic on the inside. (btw i know thats a very long sentence) Second twist is that when it reaches 3 clicks, the metal scrapes against a burst stopper which stops the bey from bursting.
Cyclone: A driver with metal balls on the driver to scrape and regain balance to continue attacking the bey with a flower pattern. The main contact point is made of rubber.

Special Moves: Cyclone Launch, Poseidon Whip,Infinite Slash, Block Smash, Cyclone Break, Poseidon Dive