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Full Version: BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion on air in Canada on May 15th!
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Following the Let it Rip phenomena that took over the TV screens and playgrounds in 2002, Beyblade makes its much anticipated return with a brand new generation of characters who take on the battle between good and evil. Competing for dominance with their spinning Beyblade tops, the perilous organization of the Dark Nebula is vying for world domination. The only person standing in their way is teenager Gingka, who struggles to find his strength to honour Beyblade and save the world. Produced by Nelvana and Japan’s d-rights, Beyblade: Metal Fusion will air Saturdays at 12 p.m. beginning with a feature length episode on Saturday, May 15 at 12 p.m.

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Note that this is only for YTV in Canada, to coincide with the earlier release of the toyline in Canada as well. This means that the toys are very close to being launched, and some of the new products might have even leaked already.

"Gingka" might still be a huge spelling mistake from Nelvana's site ...