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Full Version: Los Angeles Tournament Report: Back to Beigoma Academy!
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Big thanks to JoJo for hosting.  It surprisingly wasn’t super hot at Grand Park during the tournament which is a big bonus.  Mitchjett and I had a lot of fun at this tournament.  

My take away from the tournament:

1) Zwei, Judgment, and now even Lord in right spin seem to be able grant pretty late KOs.  

2) lots of attack vs attack matches ups now.  Lots of wall bounces and double KOs.  It was hard to judge the opposite spin Br Vs Xt+ matches, but the Zwei/judgement vs Zwei/Judgement is just a different kind of hard. 

3) Heaven seems to be pretty good at defense but it’s poor burst resistance is a bit disappointing.  Gen can be used, but the lost in weight seems a bit hard to swallow to me.  May be I need to work on this more.  Heaven seems to be able to tank Judgment pretty well from my very very limited testing before this tournament.
Attack has become so prominent in the meta that deck format matches pass by in an instant. No more 30min matches...
, what Lord combos were used at this tournament?
You'll wanna use 10 and something like Proof or Cross with the Bearing driver when using Heaven and the Gen weight. I've done intense testing against Judgement Beys and it hasn't burst yet. It'll still get knocked around like a sandbag, but it's prone to outspinning it. I hope to do some more testing myself.
(Aug. 28, 2019  1:21 PM)Ardmore Bladers Wrote: [ -> ], what Lord combos were used at this tournament?
Mostly on bearing.  Disks varied, 0B, Ar, 0W, Rt are some of the ones I saw.