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Full Version: Looking for MFB,will trade or buy (if cheap)
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Hey everyone.

I've hit a snag in collecting recently, and now need to trade things to get the Blades I want (or if cheap enough,I can buy them).

Here's the Blades & parts I'm looking for in order of priority:

-90 Track and WF bottom

-Rock Leone 145WB

-EArth Virgo GB145BS (Even if it's the Sono Kong one,I'll take it.)

-Clay Aries ED145B (if you can spare a Rock Wheel with this,that would be great)

-Wind Aquario 100HF/S (Same deal,but with Storm)

-Ray Unicorno D125CS (Not counting on this yet.)

-Killer Gemios or Thermal Pisces (Either would be appreciated)

-Cyber Pegasis 100HF (Really not counting on this)

-Counter Leone D125B (Ditto)

-Pretty much MFB in general.

Now,here's what I've got.


Xbox 360 (You're gonna have to make one HELL of an offer to get me to get rid of it though.)

Crash B-Daman Justice Ifrit (Doesn't have stickers,but well taken care of)

European Version DS games (I don't remember them off the top of my head)

Set of 2 HMS and 1 plastic (Dragoon V2,Advance Guardian and a Random Booster amalgation of parts)
And if I absolutely must,I will buy some of this stuff (But I can't spend a lot of money.)

Hasbro Dranzer V (Magnacore Edition,w/launcher and ripcord)

Hasbro Gold Duotron Master Launcher (no ripcord)

Storm Pegasis 105RF (Worn RF,comes with Blue Beylauncher)

Flame Libra T125ES (Beyblade only)
Not likely to fnd anyone with the random booster blades. Just buy them when hasbro releases them.
Adding a Hasbro Dranzer V (w/ Magnacore,Launcher and Ripcord) to the list.

EDIT:Added a Hasbro Duotron MAster launcher (Gold, no ripcord) to the list
what parts do u have for the random booster???
For everyone's reference,the random parts for the HMS are

ARGrinragoon MS (RED)
WD:Thunder Serpent
RC:Metal Sharp (I think)

TRIPLE EDIT SUPREME: Please note all my trade stuff is for sale as well.

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT EDITTongue_outSP's off the list.

FOREVER EDITING:Burn Phoenix is off the list,but added Storm Pegasis and Flame Libra. In addition, I no longer need several items.
I got 90WF but it took a long time to find it, you'll have to have a big offer
Xbox 360 (You're gonna have to make one HELL of an offer to get me to get rid of it though.)

LOL! IKR? it would be funny if someone offered you a bad condition metal face lol what would u say?