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Full Version: Knock Em' Dread!
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Hey Everyone!

We are hosting another August tournament, but this time we will be in NJ!

Our current tournament date is Sunday, August 11th, 2019 at Veteran's Memorial Park for a Beyblade Burst Format tournament!

Important Information:

1. Tournament Registration begins at 11:30am. 

Please plan to arrive at Veteran's Memorial before registration starts. The later you arrive, the longer it will take to start the tournament.

2. The Tournament begins at 12:00pm. 

You will not be able to register after 12:00pm. Even if you are joined to this tournament on this thread, if you are not registered by 12:00pm or arrive after 12:00pm we will be unable to fit you into the bracket.

Tournament System:

Depending on the number of participants we will use one of the following systems to run the first stage of this tournament:

Swiss (17 - 32 Players):
Bladers play 5 rounds. After the first round, bladers are paired based on their match history. Bladers with the highest records face each other, then the second-highest, etc. The top eight players advance to the final stage.

Double Elimination (33+ Players):
In Double Elimination, there are two brackets: the Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket. After losing once, Bladers are sent to the Losers Bracket. If they lose for a second time, they are eliminated from the event. Once both brackets have been completed, the top eight players (top four from the Winners Bracket, top four from the Losers Bracket) advance to the final stage.

Participant Cap:
Due to safety, this tournament will have a 75 PARTICIPANT CAP. Please join soon if you would like to participate. Joining secures you a spot on the participant list down below!


Dread Bahamut GT RLC V. 1

Flare Ashura 5 Survive

Knuckle Grip Wink

1st place will have 1st pick, 2nd place will have 2nd pick, and 3rd place receives the remaining prize.


The tournament will take place at Veteran's Memorial Park, rain or shine. We have coverage for inclement weather.

Please Arrive On Time

Please be sure to arrive ON TIME for this tournament. We will start registration at 11:30 AM and will begin the tournament at approximately 12:00PM. If you think you're going to run a bit late, please let me know via a post through this thread or a PM and I'll see what I can do!

If you plan on attending, please click the blue JOIN TOURNAMENT button at the top of this page!
If the tournament name is “Knock em’ Dread!” I have a theory there will be a dread Phoenix prize
(Aug. 05, 2019  8:02 AM)V0rce Wrote: [ -> ]If the tournament name is “Knock em’ Dread!” I have a theory there will be a dread Phoenix prize

Considering how LazerBeamz mainly uses TT Beys, the name would probably be "Knock 'Em Dead" if it had anything to do with Dead Hades or Dead Phoenix. It's probably just a pun on Dread Bahamut.
Cant Wait!!! There Is Finally A Tournament in NJ!!
I wish my cousin still lived in NJ oof
Dang it’s that far
As someone who literally lives in a town right across from New Jersey I should be able to make it, but for some reason this will likely be Double Elimination instead of 6 round Swiss.
I will be here

Sorry it’s far far peoples in New York

What are you selling laser beam
Will there be metal or nah
No there won’t be metal
I can’t come
A can fix launchers string left or right not lr sorry and only fixable if it’s jammed not clicked

10 dollars per fix
I am 20 minutes away from the tournament so I might be late also I might not make it because sometimes I have to go to church

Also some of my BEYBLADEs are colored a little bit like by 20% so please accept them there my only BEYBLADEs
Im Ready NewRoc is back and im better than ever so lets do our best in 6days 5hrs !
I’m still waiting to see if I can go I might need to take a Uber lol
Sorry cant go family business :<
(Aug. 06, 2019  12:53 AM)NewRocChampion1 Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry cant go family business :<
Aww, too bad maybe next time
Im might be able to come its a dice
This is cool
Sorry guys wont make it but ill go next time
Can’t make it too far Unhappy
I'm literally right next to the park yay

(Aug. 05, 2019  9:51 PM)JJ Payday Wrote: [ -> ]A can fix launchers string left or right not lr sorry and only fixable if it’s jammed not clicked

10 dollars per fix
Who’s exited

And who is selling stuff
Does someone have a revolve they don’t want
I don't, but you want Eternal L0L
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