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Full Version: General rule questions
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Hi all,

I never attended a tournament. Just read the rules here, but still not clear:

My son is 6yo. I don't allow him yet to have online activity (no phone, no FB, no nothing, except browsing Youtube on his own under our accounts). Therefore it is only me creating account on this website.


1. In the rule documents there is nothing said about ages, so I assume 6yo is fine to compete in a tournament?

2. Is it ok if in a tournament I assist him?

3. Since we have only 1 account on this website, if we come for a tournament, will only 1 of us be allowed to compete or both?

There are no age restrictions. I was 35 when I went to my first tournament, and was defeated by a 4 year old. He was much better than me.

Your son must launch their own beys. They have to select their own beys too, but you can advise them. Select it in secret ahead of time.

Only one person can exist under one account. This account is yours, not your son's. They need one to participate in tournaments. Make an account for them and then don't give them the password. Register them for tournaments using that account, and just don't let them post on it.
You can find a lot of answers in the tab tiltled ‘more’ and selecting rules and resources.
(Jul. 25, 2019  6:11 PM)DuctTapeHero Wrote: [ -> ]You can find a lot of answers in the tab tiltled ‘more’ and selecting rules and resources.

I know. I already did this, but these questions were not covered there