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Full Version: Help! Missing fanfic!
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Ok so here's the deal. A long time ago (in a galaxy farfar away) I got into fanfiction and began to fall in love with yatta yatta same old story. I happened upon a really good fanfic but then mum found out I was sneaking on the internet so on so forth insert very long story I didn't have internet for another three years.

Now within that time I forgot the name of the fanfic and back then I didn't pay much attention to the authors so that's hopeless. I'm gonna put down the details of what I know about and if someone out there can PLEASE help me find it or the author, message me, email me, add me on an IM I don't care how you do it but find a way to get the message across! Please!

It contains the line 'I was nothing but a moving target to him.' The him referring to her father with a shot gun...I think it was snowing or raining...she collapses in a street and someone picks her up...I think she had grey eyes...and she consciously thinks that she's glad the bullet went straight through the bone so she wouldn't be walking around with a chunk of metal inside her. From what I know so far banned it for the abuse content (though I've seen much worse) and the author put up a post saying they'd never post there again.
Dude, if it was three years ago then it might not even be on there anymore and if it is it would be pretty deep into the website, if you get what I mean. What is it under anyway? Is it someones own story our a fan written story of something else?

Edit: If it is under beyblade (which I should have looked at where you had made this thread first) then I don't think there are to many on it, if you can just scan through all stories under Beyblade, if you don't find it then it probably isn't on there anymore.
WTH, you got banned from the internet for three years for going on it when you were fourteen?
Well first, I was eleven, I've been looking since I got back onthe internet at fourteen, so really it's been sixyears. Second, I ran up quite a phone bill; mother is a dinosaur and didn't get proper internet and broadband and such.
Third to Mr Zander, if you read all the way through you'd know that the story was banned and the author ran away from the site. I'm in search of either them or the story. Regardless of whether or not it's still being posted. There's a good saying that once something is posted on the internet it is impossible to delete completely. I'm pretty sure there will be a trail of some sort. I just need to find it.
(Apr. 08, 2010  7:20 PM)gliitch Wrote: [ -> ]Well first, I was eleven, I've been looking since I got back onthe internet at fourteen, so really it's been sixyears.

And this is possible how? And if this was banned, how do you expect to find it Wut!?
Banned from only, the author apparently went elsewhere to post but I can't find the thread they posted there.
Oops, my bad and you don't need to call me Mr BTW. Anyway, what you said is true, I guess things are never deleted from the net altogether but it is almost impossible to re-find it unless you knew the name of the story or who the Aurthur was. Some people do post stories on Deviant Art so it might be possible to find it there. I hope you do find it again though.