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Hey, who won?
Thanks to everyone who showed up today! We had a whopping 35 Blader turnout plus parents at our first ever Brampton WBO event!

Apologies for the last minute location change. Google maps was showing the park layout BEFORE the new renovations happened. Where I had it originally now has 2 new roads running though it. xD
The new location actually turned out to be better! Lot's of shade. Great breeze. Parking seconds away. The covered picnic area helped tremendously when the 20 minute storm passed through. Wink

Though we had hiccups initially due to the location change we still somehow managed to start on time at 12:30pm!
We ran 6 stadiums starting Round 2. This sped up the rounds greatly. Thanks to all the judges who helped out!

Also a special shout out to for once again providing the giveaway and prize support! Smile

Next BRAMPTON tourney will be in 2 weeks July 27th! Same location. See you all there! Joyful_3
Sorry I couldn't come XD! Still hope you had a great time!
Who won the tournament?
(Jul. 14, 2019  12:41 AM)EthanMonster Wrote: [ -> ]Who won the tournament?

LETS GO BLADER BEAST WOO! Congrats bud, and to everybody else! They are all making their way up the rankings ladder. Today was a lot of fun even with the rain, thanks for hosting this OldSchool Smile
Congrats to everyone who participated in this event! A bit of rain but overall it was amazing! I hope everyone had a fun time and best of luck to future tournaments!

Also, the Judgement Joker Meta with GT is gonna scare me in future events haha
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