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Full Version: Making 3D Printed Beyblades For People(more info in desc)
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I will make your beyblade talk to me about designs on discord FairyHRS#1622 if you don't have discord my number is 7202539647.             Prices Are from 15$-45$ depending on complexity and how nice you are.              I will pay for the shipping fee's. I Can only print with plastic but I can make beyblades really op.    can take up to in 5mins to 12 hours to respond.

I will see if I can buy one
I’ll ask my parents if I can too

Hey I adde u on discord can u accept it.
Hai I was hoping if your reading this can you make me a beyblade?
Interesting do you do plastic generation parts?
Let us know your generation availability, like which eras of beyblade is easiest to print, and maybe some prices based on that? Cross generation capabilities? I love this idea and will support you after I rack up a couple of Paychecks!