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Full Version: Performance Tip/Driver - Trick (Tr)
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To be drafted
-Wide, round driver with a free spinning bottom
-Features a small tab on the bottom that helps its gimmick to activate
-When the small tab or the bottom surface of the driver hits the stadium floor, it will slightly spin
-when the bottom spins, two rectangular tip will slowly extend and retract, changing the driver modes
-when fully retracted, the driver exposes a sharp tip that serves as a stamina type.
-when fully extended, the two rectangular pieces covers the sharp tip, creating a wide, irregular shaped tip for more aggresive movements
-For collection only. While the gimmick works, it is uncontrollable and unreliable to have any worth in competitive play
-When coupled with the green Turn Frame from Judgment Joker Booster, the driver seems to fit tightly to the frame, hindering the free spinning part and preventing mode changes (citation needed, I sold my Trick driver before being able to see how it actually affects the gimmick)