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Full Version: Gatinko Chip - Joker (J)
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To be drafted
-Features 3 teeth, resulting in 3 clicks before burst
-First set of teeth is taller than the rest, the second set of teeth is of medium height, and the final teeth is shorter than the rest.
-Creates a very strong burst resistance for the first click, allowing it to survive early match where both beys are spinning at maximum speed.
-Welcome addition. While the first click is strong, the rest are consecutively weaker, so if an opponent hits hard enough early game, the weaker set of teeth is a liability. Depending on preference, you may use the dragon chip as an alternative, due to its more consistent burst resistance.
-In contrast to Hydra Chip, another 3 click right spin GT chip where the first set of teeth is the weakest, and the last set is the strongest.