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Full Version: Forge Disc - Ratchet (Rt)
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To be drafted
-Features a plastic ring shaped like a skirt around the metal disc
-As the name implies, the plastic ring is free spinning, but the design makes it only able to spin freely in a clockwise direction. When you try to spin the ring in counterclockwise direction, the inner parts of the disc will lock the ring in place.
-The free spinning ring is meant to fortify left spinning combos by deflecting attacks from other left spinning layers, but still allowing spin equalization from right spinning opponents.
-when used in a right spin combo, the gimmick allows the disc to deliver strong attacks (similar shape to the attack mode of Turn Frame), while preventing left spin opponents from spin equalizing with the free spinning disc skirt.
-Despite the ratchet gimmick working, disc to layer contact is extremely rare, so it rarely works as intended.
-However, the skirt is overhanging, similar to Wall or Lift, lowering the disc and combo's center of gravity. It allows Ratchet to synergize well with Bearing combos, increasing stability and precession.
-while the LAD of Ratchet seems poor, with scrape risk from the overhanging skirt, the free spinning nature helps mitigate it slightly on left spin combos compared to Wall.
-one of the heaviest at 28 Grams
-It is a welcome addition. Works great for Bearing combos. A must have if you wish to have a Bearing combo, but do not have Wall
Thank you! I needed that! Oh... wait. Ratchet catchphrase in TFP is I Needed That. Epic!

In all seriousness though, this really helped me