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Full Version: Layer Base - Wizard (W)
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Wizard is a layer base that features tons of rubber contact points, a characteristic shared by all layers in the Fafnir line. The rubber protrudes from all three dragon heads along its outer perimeter. It also has a round shape, giving it good balance and Life-After-Death (LAD) potential.

Like all GT layer bases, it is able to attach a layer weight and GT chip to it. Like most other stamina-type layer bases, Wizard’s GT chip platform is slightly raised. This causes any GT chip it’s equipped with to have weaker burst resistance due to the reduced contact with the driver tabs. As such, Wizard has bad burst resistance.

Wizard’s weight is also very average, on par with most right-spin layer bases. It falls behind in this aspect compared to its other left-spin counterparts like Dread and Zwei.

With its rubber contact points and round shape, Wizard works well in spin equalization combinations. However, its average weight and bad burst resistance leaves it suspect to attack types, as it is prone to KO and burst finishes. As such, it is not a must-have but rather a good part to have in any Blader’s collection.