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Full Version: Forge Disc - Sting (St)
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Sting is a forge disc that features a gimmick similar to the “bound attack” of God Valkyrie. Its rotatable outer ring is loaded with springs, causing them to rotate back when activated. In theory, this should give it additional attack potential as the outer ring should strike the opponent again when rotating back. In practice, this actually does the converse as it dampens all hits on it. Furthermore, it’s diameter is not very wide, lowering its chances of having contact with other beys.

With an average weight of 28.7 grams, Sting is one of the heaviest forge discs. It may be lighter than some core disc + frame combos, but is still more competitive than most of them. This is due to its great Outward-Weight-Distribution, which grants it higher attack and stamina. Its gimmick also bolsters its defence by dampening hits on it, at the expense of attack.

Due to its uneven perimeters, it causes scraping when the bey tilts. However due to its weight and OWD, LAD combinations that exploit precession can still benefit from it.

Sting is a forge disc that is well suited for defence and stamina combinations due to its heavy weight and gimmick. It is usable for attack, but is outclassed by Blitz. As such, it is a must-have for all competitive Bladers.