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Full Version: Los Angeles Tournament Report: JoJo’s Bizarre Birthday
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Thank you everyone for coming out and big shout out to everyone who helped out with setup, judging, and etc.  An extra big thank you to JoJo for hosting a tournament so close to her birthday!  And of course, happy birthday JoJo!  

On to the tournament:

These are the significant combos that were more prevalent 

Judgement in many different ways....

Personally, I wanted to play Judgement as much as possible for this tournament.  I ended up using 3 combos during the day.  Judgement was used primarily.

hS.St.At (with LC once in group stage and without LC in the deck format)

I don’t think there is much to say about my pP and hS combos at this point. It was interesting for me to see more players put Orbit and Atomic on pP as a possible response to the release of judgement.  

On to my own judgement combo:

The reason for the individual parts.
1) Judgement-best attack layer for me personally
2) Ashura-7 clicks with 3-4 clicks being in the rubber part of the base I think. 
3) 斬-I found 斬 to give me the best chance to draw with hS.At.  This combo still generally loses to hS.At if it comes to OS though. 
4) Blitz-one of the tight/sticky disks on Judgement
5) Octa-I recently managed to pick up a new Octa when the emperor/era changed in Japan.  TT ran a promotion with black version Octa, dropping the price at auction.  Politics can be important in blading too I guess lol.  
The weight of Octa helps with defense against other Judgement combos in my opinion.  Octa has a bit more stamina than rubber drivers and I like that with judgement for the occasionally late KO.  Octa can OS a few thing in opposite spin, though I would not count on this much at all.  My other pick would have been Qc’ for the driver.  I wanted to play Judgement as much as possible in both group stage and finals for this tournament and I went with what in my opinion was a safer choice.  In retrospect, switching to Qc’ in the grand finals might have been better.

Judgment performed well all day for me. Overall, I am happy with my Judgement  combo.  Other iterations of Judgement combos seem to have been successful too.  People seem still a bit hesitant to play it at times, but I am almost certain that this will change with time. 

Major congrats to Kingz_hero_ for winning the tournament, he really showed that he strategized his play (at the expense of Mitchjett) and had conviction in his combo choices (at my expense).  The tournament ultimately came down to me being able to burst his aH.Xt+ once and only once with JA.Bl.Octa斬.

Final results:

1st.  Kingz_hero_
2nd.  Shindog
3rd.  JoJo [jP0t]
4th.  Mitchjett 

Thanks for reading.