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Full Version: Dragoon MF or Recolour Draciel G
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Draciel G (Hasbro re-colour)
Draciel G Black Ver.
Dragoon MF

If you have any, please message me with a price.

BUMP! Please let me know.
what is wrong with draciel re colour
Huh? I'm looking to buy one.
Do you by any chance have a loose bitchip for this blade I have one and I am trying to find only the bitchip .
I have no parts of this Beyblade, honestly. Hence the thread.
Still looking!
Bump. Still looking
I saw a takara Draciel G recolour on ebay a couple days ago but cant find that listing now, it was from japan and they slightly misspelled the title, will DM you if I see it relisted
Thank you! That's very kind of you.
BUMP! Still looking.
Bump! Still looking.