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Full Version: [NIP] Dragoon Fighter, Master Dragoon & Dranzer, Hayate, Draciel, Galzzly (Hasbro)
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Edit: SOLD!

I'm selling all of these as a bundle on ebay by auction:

  • Dragoon Fighter, A-25 (a true rarity!)
  • Master Dragoon, A-31
  • Master Dranzer, A-32
  • Hayate 2, #44
  • Metal Draciel, #40
  • Galzzly, A-9

Worldwide shipping. Shipping rates depend upon Germany -> [your country] DHL prices for a small package with insurance & tracking.

Please contact me if you require more images or wish to clarify shipping rates, etc.

Visit me on ebay!

Obligatory picture with username:
[Image: pdO4XDYl.jpg]