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Hello. I am from the north of France, next to Belgium & I am 18+
I just joined & i'm searching for events in this area.
I am a metal player, what about you?
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I'm from NL but I could travel to West-Flanders. I'm 18, I'll send you a pm

follow me on Instagram: Beyfatherwbo
I'm not 18+ but what event in East-Flanders are u talking about?
(Jun. 08, 2019  12:23 AM)neoshai Wrote: [ -> ]Just out of curiosity, are there any Bladers on here that are/live in Belgium, West-Flanders to be more precise?
Preferably +18, just to get somewhere around my age range at least ^^

On the same note; anyone that knows of any (possible) events around here?

I am from east-flanders but only 14