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Full Version: Looking to buy early 2000s beys
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Looking for early 2000s beyblades!!

I'm looking for beyblades from the early 2000s, really hoping I can buy from canadians, especially within the Durham region of Ontario as I am in oshawa. 

Beyblades I'm looking to aqcuire:

1. Dragoon v2 (takara magne WD version since Hasbro doesn't have the magne weight disk)
2. Dranzer gt
3. ANY MAIN DRIGER (as long as it isn't a burst version)
4. The saint shields beys (preferably flash leapord 2 over flash leapord)
5. Strata dragoon v, and strata dragoon G
I have all of these, but I'm in Japan.
I have all of these, but I'm in USA