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Full Version: Keep (Kp) Discussion
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Keep is an interesting Driver that I don't think is going to see very much, if any use in Burst Standard, but seems like it will be a valuable addition to Burst Classic as a KO Defense (and maybe an RB-Attack style Driver).

Here's some testing I did with it in the past in the Burst Classic Discussion thread:
(May. 19, 2019  6:08 AM)Wombat Wrote: [ -> ]Victory Valkyrie Knuckle Quick' vs. Gigant Gaia Gravity Keep
V2.K.Qc': 6 wins (3 KO, 3 Burst)
G2.G.Kp: 14 wins (11 OS, 2 KO, 1 Burst)
V2.K.Qc' win rate: 30%

I personally think that G2 outclasses K2 in every way, I also tried Neptune on Kp and it was alright so my options for KO Defense in Classic are a bit limited (Unicrest actually performed a lot better than I expected, until now I thought it was only melancholy defensively because I had only been using it on plastic Drivers), since I haven't had a chance to explore some of the Hasbro Layers that are supposedly really good for Defense (Evipero, Yegdrion Y2, Orpheus(?), and maybe a few others). But I think that once people adjust more of these combos will emerge.

Like I mentioned in that post, I also briefly tried out K2/Neptune.H/K/G.Kp before settling on G2, and was kinda unsatisfied with both. K2 bursted too easily against the same V2 combo, and while Neptune did better at resisting bursting it was KOed much easier than I would have liked. Since Kp is so far a TT-exclusive Driver, its options for Defensive Layers are kinda limited. Maybe @[Shindog] could test it on ßaldur since I don't have it? Either way Kp seems to be a powerful choice for KO Defense in classic.

Victory Valkyrie Knuckle Keep vs . Neptune Gravity Revolve
V2.K.Kp: 3 wins (2 KO, 1 OS)
N.G.R: 7 wins (1 KO, 5 OS, 1 Burst)
V2.K.Kp win rate: 30%

I stopped this after 10 rounds because the combo wasn't performing how I wanted it to. Maybe I need to wear in my Keep a bit more so the rubber gets a bit softer/flatter but I could not make it move in a way that would let it KO even Neptune Revolve consistently. And in the case of controllability for Attack you might be better off using like, Hunter' since that's less likely to self burst too.
I recorded a few rounds of Baldur.G.Kp vs V2.H.X’

Baldur seems to be bursting quite a bit on Kp.