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Full Version: + Buying Random Stuff.
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Have to sell:
NIB Hasbro Galeon Attacker
New out of Package:
Takara First Clutch Base (With respective Spin Gear Casing [No Engine Gear/HMC])

Buying/Trading for...
Storm Grip Base
Support Part (Dark Series)
Metal Change Base
Wide Defense WD

CUSTOMIZE GRIP ; ; (Preferably the red/yellow version)
lolUpdate. if you see anything you like pm me here or on youtube.
Now selling items lol.
Big change on wants.
There are some Launcher Grips on ebay and theintoy.
All I see are some ridiculously expensive catapult launchers from fununiverse...
Then you are not looking properly...

dimsum2u: BB-64 Launcher Grip White

allatkorea: Launcher Grip Black + Grip Rubber White

theintoy: BB-15 Launcher Grip

theintoy: BB-64 Launcher Grip White

*buzztoy on ebay also has a couple BB-64 Launcher Grip White

EDIT: Oh, my bad. "Launcher Grip" is the term used for MFB Grips, which is why I thought that is what you were looking for.
Oh, I'm talking about plastics.
In other words, no MFBs (not treying to anger anyone at all).