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Full Version: Galaxy Pegasis? Where?
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I can't seem to find Galaxy Pegasis on the BeyWiki? It was ment to be posted
What the hell are you talking about? That is utter rubbish. You misunderstood what it means. It meant that it is being released on that date by TT. There won't be an article on it in the beywiki for a while.
I ment, If you look on the upcoming posts on the Beywiki it says:
BB-70 Starter Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F (April 1)
But today is the second. Look on beyWiki first page scroll down plz
I'd have thought the big RELEASES header would have clued you in.
That is a list of Upcoming Releases (as stated in the heading), not "Upcoming Articles". Galaxy Pegasis was just released in Japan yesterday (April 1st). I doubt anyone on this site has this Beyblade yet, let alone time to test all of its parts, and write an article. You won't be seeing an article on G. Pegasis for a while, as megablader already stated.
Oh! sorry, my bad. I get confused.