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Full Version: Anyone up for a battle? [Broward County, FL]
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Looking for some people in Broward County, FL that would like to battle.

Just getting started so I’m looking to meet people in the community to battle with and get advice from.

My 2 sons and myself battle, as does my nephew, so usually I can bring 3-4 people to any get-together.

We have a few stadiums:
Hasbro Bust Turbo Slingshock Stadium (Blue)
Hasbro Burst Turbo Slingshock Rail Rush (Greg/Red)
Unofficial Giant 25” Decagone Stadium (Korea)

We have about 9 Beys, all Hasbro Burst Turbo line.
Anyone up for a challenge this weekend? Just for fun, but using Burst rules/beys?
Anyone even in the South Florida community? If so, hit me up in this thread or DM me. Looking to hook up at Deicke Park in Plantation, FL for some battles this upcoming Saturday.