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(May. 04, 2019  1:16 PM)Kei Wrote: [ -> ]IMPORTANT: START TIME CHANGE
  • Registration: 12PM (originally 11AM)
  • Tournament Start: 1PM (originally 12PM)
I've decided to push back the start time for this tournament by one hour so that we can hopefully catch a little bit more of the sun and warmer temperatures. The clouds are supposed to clear this afternoon. See you guys there!


In Burst Classic Format, there are some part restrictions in effect that all players must be aware of. This format is ongoing and the list may change before the event date. You can view the most up to date list below:

NOTE: Xtreme’, Hunter’, and Jolt’ will be unbanned as usual, but for this event specifically we will be unbanning all Dash Drivers in order to test what effect they will have on the balance of the format. This means that for this event specifically, the following Drivers will also be legal for use in addition to all other parts normally legal for Burst Classic Format:


All other parts listed in the link below as being banned will remain banned as they normally are for Burst Classic Format.

Join us on Saturday, May 4th, 2019 for a Toronto Beyblade Burst Tournament at Dufferin Grove Park for Toronto’s second tournament using the WBO’s new experimental Burst Classic Format!

Please be sure to arrive ON TIME for this tournament. Registration begins at 12:00PM. We will finish registration at around 1:00PM and will begin the tournament shortly thereafter. Thank you!

If you can make it, please hit the blue JOIN TOURNAMENT button at the top of this page! See you all there!

We'll be playing at Dufferin Grove Park near the basketball courts and fire pit. Easy access to food and restrooms. Right across from Dufferin Mall and just south of Dufferin Station.

This video from last year showcases the location and the map below highlights the general area we will be playing at:

[Image: hfWDv9x.jpg]

Tournament Bracket on Challonge

[Image: bRO7nah.png]

As always, during the tournament while we cannot give you a set time for when your next match will take place, you are welcome to follow along with the tournament bracket on Challonge. Challonge is the management tool we use to run the event.

No Bey? No Prob!
Don't have any Beyblades from this new series? No problem! We would be happy to lend a Beyblade and launcher to you to use for your tournament matches!

Have a BeyStadium? Bring it!
We will be bringing stadiums for this event, but more are always welcome! Any BeyStadium is fine for free play, but BeyStadium Standard Types (pictured below) are particularly appreciated. If you can bring one, please post here to let us know.

[Image: beyblade-burst-beystadium-standard-type.png]

Not sure what to expect?
Check out footage from some of our previous events that took place at Dufferin Grove Park. More can be watched on Beyblade Channel!

Wow, a classic tournament. Good luck to yall
As a reminder, here's a link to what parts are normally permitted in classic. Please be aware that all Dash drivers are unbanned for this one.
Sweet. Loved the last one. Will points be tallied in this tournament?
The tournament should be called may the bey force be with you
(Apr. 27, 2019  11:11 PM)NiallI Wrote: [ -> ]Sweet. Loved the last one. Will points be tallied in this tournament?

You can see right at the top that it's Unranked. All Classic events are Unranked while they work out the bugs and changes in the new format, especially if they're testing allowing dash drivers.
Wow can't wait! Also can't wait to test for 10 hours and lose 5-0 XD

Kei, will you be able to get vl-15 for the tournament. I hope to get dH.8'.E.X'
(Apr. 28, 2019  12:53 AM)henwooja1 Wrote: [ -> ]Kei, will you be able to get vl-15 for the tournament. I hope to get dH.8'.E.X'

Very unlikely. I should have some at Anime North, though.
Ok thanks, just please don't spam V2 X'
Are you guys selling anything
(Apr. 28, 2019  1:29 AM)henwooja1 Wrote: [ -> ]Ok thanks, just please don't spam V2 X'
Or... YOU can spam it, haha. Joyful_3
(Apr. 28, 2019  4:00 AM)abidjkhan7 Wrote: [ -> ]Are you guys selling anything

Always. Wink
No list as of yet.
But I don't have X' still ?. And if I'm going to spend $60 on something and it's not garrenteed to come online than I'm not wasting a full day of work.
(Apr. 28, 2019  1:56 PM)henwooja1 Wrote: [ -> ]But I don't have X' still ?. And if I'm going to spend $60 on something and it's not garrenteed to come online than I'm not wasting a full day of work.

Just buy a guaranteed Dead Hades from Random Booster 15. It comes with X'. I ordered one for $16 USD
We will be there on the weekend  with latest beys including Wizard Fafnir and some of the random boosters vol 15 beys, B-00 Gran Valkyrie  limited edition  and the black Fafnir string Launcher ..  As well will donate some prizes for  the tournament,  pics in a few days.

  I'll have an extra DH if you want me to save for you for around $30 cad
Ok thanks, I don't have any of the parts in there so it's nice to get.

And yes I would like it, I'll pay $40 cad if you hold it for me.

And is it the vol12 or vol15?
$30 dollars that's for vol 15 that come out 2 days ago
(Apr. 29, 2019  5:34 PM)originalzankye Wrote: [ -> ]$30 dollars  that's for vol 15 that come out 2 days ago
How much r u selling wizard Fafnir?
Are you selling dead phionex?
Team Zankye's Prize contribution for the tournament

[Image: prizes_may4.jpg]
Will you have storm Pegasus?
If you have any questions for whatever beyblades will be sold just PM us and we'll try and get back to you ASAP
(Apr. 30, 2019  5:32 AM)MDK Shady Wrote: [ -> ]Will you have storm Pegasus?

Yes 1 only, PM if you're interested----SOLD OUT
Seems like a nice a small tournament to go to. Can't wait to see what people will use as counters for x'
That's a cool assortment of prizes.

Kei! You forgot to add Quick' to the list at the top! It's out! Do you wish to permit it for this tournament?
Don’t forget the park will be insane! Busy weekend in the city.
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