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Full Version: Beyblade injuries
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I had an injury not from the blade itself but from launching it. I launched the blade and all of a sudden my shoulder popped out! It popped right back into place but it hurt for weeks afterward
Yeah I bleed down my pointer finger when my galaxy pegasus fired
I cut myself with a fake zenith disk by taking off the red piece and i mislaunched and cut my finger
I have definitely caught my fingers on the edge of the blade at launch a few times, but nothing major. Overworked my arm a few times after really intense testing sessions though.
A few bruises here and there but nothing too bad yet thankfully
The only time a beybalde has ever drawn blood was when I had gotten my "TT" midfake Dark Wolf back in 2019. When launching, some excess metal on the fusion wheel jutted out into a needle and cut me when I grabbed it. At that time, I had no idea midfakes were a thing and thought it was actually authentic but that moment a few other instances were definite red flags that the "authentic Takara Tomy" beys I had were not actually legit
so I launched wonder valtriek with a left mode launcher and my brother went to go pick it up but it cut his hand and he started bleeding.
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