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Full Version: What happened beyblade market thread?
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There was Selling and Buying section for finding things easier.

But now even i cant find my thread easily because of someone removed Selling and Buying section.It turned into garbage right now.

Please you should bring buying and selling places.
You can look at your threads in your profile. It’s really not hard.
I do hope the Selling thread issue gets resolved, it looks really jumbled up when its mixed with other market related topics.
The Buying and Selling sub-forums have been eliminated and we've moved all threads into the Beyblade Marketplace forum.

As we now have the "Buying" and "Selling" prefixes, users can simply use those and sort the forum by one of those prefixes (using the controls at the bottom of the forum) if they want to see threads only from a specific prefix. The forum rules were updated to specify this.

Engagement on sub-forums has always been lower than the parent level forums, so the addition of those Buying/Selling prefixes to ensure it was possible to filter the threads made it possible for us to consolidate.