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Full Version: my new (fake) beyblades
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This is not actually a creation, i just wanna show the peole what NOT to buy.
I bought 2 blades, master dragoon and green dragon beast.

1. In the green dragon beast box, there was a metal draciel.
2. The Mdraciel and the Mdragoon are all shaky, and the endurance SUCKS.
3. Of course it is TT Hongli. (FAKE company, carp products, not even beyblade-like, they call the beyblades "TTwarriors" LMAO.
4. they can't be customized, the spin gears have different sizes so I can't try any combos...
We have guide for that already:

Plastics is basically the same. Look for a Takara, Sono Kong, or Hasbro logo, as well as the D-Rights logo on the box of the Beyblade.