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Full Version: Forge Disc - Hurricane
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Hurricane features a free-spinning ring that rotates around the disc. It is heavier than all of the Core Discs and most of the non-Core Discs, making it one of the heaviest non-Core Discs in the game. In theory, the free-spinning ring will block attacks by moving with the opponent's Layer and reduce recoil. In practice, this is not very effective, as the Layer of the opposing Beyblade rarely makes contact with the Forge Disc. However, Hurricane's free-spinning ring has an advantage: the free-spinning ring will minimize Stamina loss if a Hurricane combination is knocked over and scrapes the stadium. The free-spinning ring also supplements the Life After Death in Right-Spin combinations, since the ring creates slight Upper Force. Likewise, the ring will create Down Force in Left-Spin combinations, making a Left-Spin Hurricane combination more controllable. This makes Hurricane very versatile in any combination.

==Use in Defense Combinations==
Hurricane can be used in the Defense Combination Revive Phoenix/Dead Phoenix/Perfect Phoenix Hurricane Atomic/Keep/Orbit. The excellent defense provided by Revive Phoenix/Dead Phoenix/Perfect Phoenix is bolstered by Atomic/Keep/Orbit. Hurricane aids Atomic/Keep/Orbit's Life After Death and prevents Stamina Loss while scraping.

==Use in Balance Combinations==
Hurricane can be used in the Balance Combination Bushin/Rock Valkyrie Hurricane Destroy/Destroy' Zan/Ten. Bushin/Rock provide Defense capabilities, while Valkyrie provides Attack capabilities. Hurricane bolsters Life After Death, Stamina, and Defense, while Destroy/Destroy' provide great Life After Death and adds both Attack and Defense capabilities. Zan/Ten's great weight compensates for Valkyrie's low amount of teeth and also provide bolster Defense and Stamina.

Hurricane's free-spinning ring is extremely versatile and can be used in a number of combinations. It provides great Defense, Stamina, and Life After Death potential. As such, Hurricane is a must-have for competitive bladers.

I think this just about sums it up for Hurricane! Joyful_3
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