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Full Version: Best combos for dummies
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so like i see these posts aboout combos like "deep caynox 4 Ds." or something like that and i have no idea what this means exept for the deep caynox part. So can someone either explain what the charachters mean OR say a good stamina combo like "forneus layer fafnir metal deep caynox driver" either one thanks
When they say “Deep Caynox 4 Ds” they are saying the names of the parts.
U asking for a stamina type? Here u go:

Geist Fafnir 00 meteor bearing
Well lets take hS.00W.Br

The layer is shortened to the first letter of the first and second parts of their name. This one is hell Salamander (hS)
The core disks other than, aero dash, are shown by a number. In this case 00
Frames are shortened to their first letter. In this case, wall (W)
Drivers are shortened to their first letter at first but then with the first letter then the next non vowel letter. In this case, Bearing (Br)

For non core disks they follow the same naming system as drivers.
In the GT system both parts of the layer are capitalized.
GT weights are placed after the driver and are the kanji symbol.