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Full Version: 10th Anniversary BeyLotto & #WBOMemories Contest 2018 Results Are In!
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[Image: JUJ8WZM.png]

10th Anniversary BeyLotto & #WBOMemories 2018 Contest Results

Find out if you won below:

Physical Prize & Bit Booster Winners

10 lucky winners have earned themselves a sweet physical prize as well as a Bit Booster from the list below!

[Image: bmSUwiI.png]

10th – 6th: one Random Booster Vol. 13 booster

[Image: Beyblade-Burst-Cho-Z-Valkyrie-Z-Ev.png]

5th – 4th: B-127 Starter Cho-Z Valkyrie.Z.Ev
@[Bleybade god10]

[Image: Beyblade-Burst-Cho-Z-Achilles-OO-Dimension-B-129.png]

3rd: B-129 Starter Cho-Z Achilles.00.Dm
@[RED NINJA 0829]

[Image: Beyblade-Burst-Driger-S-Darkness-Version.png] [Image: Beyblade-Burst-Cho-Z-Achilles-OO-Dimension-B-129.png]

2nd: B-129 Starter Cho-Z Achilles.00.Dm + B-00 Darkness Driger S Burst Ver

[Image: Beyblade-Burst-Cho-Z-Customize-Set-Sprig...ginius.png] [Image: Beyblade-Burst-Zillion-Zeus-M-V-Gold-God-Bey.png]

1st: B-128 Beyblade Cho-Z Customise Set + B-00 Zillion Zeus.M.V "Gold Ver." COROCORO Comic Limited

Bit Booster Winners

These 20 additional randomly-picked winners will receive their choice of one of the Bit Boosters listed at the bottom of this post:
  • 11th - Kei
  • 12th - @[Mattéas]
  • 13th - @[CrimsonThunder]
  • 14th - @[LucasP]
  • 15th - @[epickblader]
  • 16th - @[AMMO]
  • 17th - @[renidage]
  • 18th - @[Tangy blader]
  • 19th - @[BladerJC]
  • 20th - @[abuninja1]
  • 21st - @[Nkolla]
  • 22nd - @[Dt20000]
  • 23rd - @[Bringit!]
  • 24th - @[Colin loewen]
  • 25th - @[JJ Payday]
  • 26th - @[jackpotgodzilla]
  • 27th - @[SmartStrike]
  • 28th - @[instaburst13]
  • 29th - @[Angry Face]
  • 30th - @[yukenta]

[Image: OVmxKpz.gif]

#WBOMemories 2018 Instagram Contest Winners

We have determined the winners for our #WBOMemories 2018 Instagram Contest! You can view all of the question entries in the thread linked above and the Instagram entries by searching for the “WBOMemories” tag on Instagram.

5th–3rd: Bit Booster of Your Choice (Options Below)
@[Adarsh Abhinav]

Read Question Answers (Click to View)

[Image: S3plWft.jpg]

Read Question Answers (Click to View)

[Image: 0vLZbvv.jpg]

2nd: B-127 Starter Cho-Z Valkyrie.Z.Ev. and Bit Booster of Your Choice (Options Below)

[Image: y4PJxEv.png]

Read Question Answers (Click to View)

1st: B-127 Starter Cho-Z Valkyrie.Z.Ev. and Bit Booster of Your Choice (Options Below)
@[The Supreme One]

[Image: 3FBVXA1.png]

Read Question Answers (Click to View)

Bit Boosters Available

Winner Instructions

  • All Winners: Post your Bit Booster selection in this thread. Bit Boosters will be awarded after many or most of the winners have all posted here so that we can do most of them all at once.
  • Physical Prize Winners (Top 10 for BeyLotto, and #WBOMemories 2018 1st/2nd Place): PM Kei your full name, address, and phone number and we will have the prize ordered and shipped to you as soon as possible.

Participation Award: Anniversary Bit 2018

And finally, all winners, tournament participants, and social media contributors during the BeyLotto period will receive the commemorative Anniversary Bit 2018!

Distribution may take a few weeks, but we will begin distributing these soon.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!
Bit Booster AZURITE! Jeez, I'm so happy to win this giveaway
Bit Booster Sapphire I cannot believe I won
Yay, I can’t believe I won a bit booster! I’ll take an Onyx
Congrats to all of the winners. Smile Maybe I will win something next time.
Congrats everyone.
Yay I got a Cho-Z Achilles even though I have it already!

Can I get bit booster ruby
(Mar. 24, 2019  10:13 PM)RED NINJA 0829 Wrote: [ -> ]Yay I got a Cho-Z Achilles even though I have it already!

Maybe it’s the Black Version! If not then you could use the launcher!
????i didnt win anything
Even though I already got a Cho-Z Valkyrie always good to have 2. (Who knows maybe instead I could get an Valkyrie upgrade lol ). Like the color of Cho-Z Valkyrie I'll take a Bit Booster Sapphire please. Thank you Smile
(Mar. 24, 2019  10:29 PM)abidjkhan7 Wrote: [ -> ]????i didnt win anything
Me neither but we will next time XD
i didnt get the anniversary bit
(Mar. 25, 2019  12:17 AM)abidjkhan7 Wrote: [ -> ]i didnt get the anniversary bit
He said it takes a couple weeks
Bit Booster VIVID.
Seeing Typos in My Answers Makes me Feel LOL.
So I get to pick two bit boosters? If i have that right, I pick sapphire and vivid.

Thank you! Love these contests.
I didn’t win anything???????
Congrats for all the bladers ( and I am happy I didn't win anything , because I have Retired from Beyblading : (
Congratulations to all the winners!!!! And to those who didn't win, we always have next yearWink.

(Mar. 25, 2019  10:52 AM)GOD CHIPS Wrote: [ -> ]Congrats for all the bladers ( and I am happy I didn't win anything , because I have Retired from Beyblading : (
Nope, this is not happening, not at all, na-da. Why?!?!?!?!
Congratulations to everyone!! I'd like to choose Bit Booster VIVID please!
I wanted at least one bit booster ???????! I want host tournament and make BeyChannel video. Then I can get bit booster.
The Bit Boost Driver please, thanks!
Awesome, thanks @[Kei]! I'll grab a bit booster jet.
Hey thanks lei I’ll take sapphire please

Oh sorry kei I put lei lol
Can I use my own beyblade in Tourments
(Mar. 27, 2019  10:39 AM)SDz73 Wrote: [ -> ]Can I use my own beyblade in Tourments

Only of the beys , which you would be using would be of TAKARA TOMY or HASBRO
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