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Full Version: Hoshi no Yume Fansubs is recruiting and expanding it's options
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Hoshi no Yume Fansubs is recruiting more members for our team.

We are abandoning our wordpress, and moving on to reddit. I will be making updates on the reddit regularly.

Our new reddit page can be found here:

We at HnY are in need for more staff.

Current Staff/Moderators: (Discord)
DranzerX13 (me)

Current Affiliates: (Discord)
Mana (Beyblade Wiki/WBO)
Wizard (WBO)
Nareus (Beybladers Free Streams)

Current Translators: (Discord)
Beybla-ta (Translator for Bakuten Shoot Beyblade, Beyblade Burst)
Cid (Translator for Beyblade Burst Super Z 34-51, and Beyblade Burst GT)
Kris (Translator for Beyblade Burst God)

Open Positions:

Translator (for the Beyblade Burst GT manga)
Cleaner/Typesetter (for the Beyblade Burst GT manga)
Discord Moderators
Reddit Moderators

If anyone is interested, please email hoshinoyumefansubs[at] or PM me to apply.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the new GT storyline part of the same "Beyblade Burst" manga that encapsulated season 1, Evolution/God, and Chozetsu/Turbo? We had to stop the scanlation effort because it got licensed. Creating and sharing fan translations of licensed manga is a big legal no-no.
i don't understand any of this.
It's licensed in Asia, not the US. Doesn't matter if it's licensed or not. Beyblade is a niche property. It's more based on toy sales than anime/manga sales. Plus the manga in English is way behind anyway. If I get emailed by Shogakukan Asia, D-rights, whatever, I will stop. I mean, the Burst anime is licensed, so I guess I should stop translating Super Z then?

Technically with anime, manga, companies would say "it doesn't matter if it's licensed or not. Fansubbing/Scanlation any manga is illegal because it is copyrighted content"