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Full Version: [Suggestion] Should there be an Overall section for Burst beyblades as a whole?
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I do not know where else this belongs, so I figured I should just post here.

I noticed during my browsing sessions in Beyblade Wiki that the Burst beys (and some of the MFB beys such as Lightning L-Drago 100HF) lack an "overall" section, which was one aspect I loved from the old Beywiki (having joined here when it was still the primary source of information).
In the case of the Burst beyblades, I have to find out each parts' worthiness individually which make it time-consuming and difficult to browse, especially on a mobile device. I also do not like having to keep too many tabs to.. well, keep a tab of (sorry for the bad pun).

So I was wondering if we, including myself (albeit not much because I just got into Burst after all, it's not been a week since I got my first Burst beys and a stadium to play in), can add an overall section to the bottom of each Burst beys' article in order to summarize how worthy the bey is, as a whole, to purchase?

For example, Blaze Ragnaruk 4Cross Flugel's Overall section would read as follows
(keep in mind, this is just an example. The actual conclusion can be different).

Blaze Ragnaruk 4Cross Flugel is an excellent purchase, almost entirely due to it's "4" Disc Core and "Cross" Disk Frame, which are useful with all types of combinations. While it's Layer and Driver are mediocre at best, the sheer usefulness of the Disc Core and Frames means all serious competitive Bladers should own this beyblade.