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Full Version: Red Bloody Longinus difference.
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Between the Original Red Bloody Longinus Layer and the Red Bloody Longinus from the Random booster, are there any teeth difference? I have used the original bL and the Red Longinus for a while now and I feel like the teeth from the original red is stronger. But I am not sure if the RB longinus is the same as the Original Red Bloody Longinus, since the teeth are transparent.
That might be true, since most if not all recolored versions in RBVs and RLCs have nerfed teeth, based on experience
I have the red bL and I'm wondering, without a level chip, dos the original grey bL have an incredibly loose and rattling hold on the core disc? I've been using (red)bL.OOT.X and it's... so rattling. I have to use a level chip on that one.