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Full Version: Whats your beyblade team?(for Tournaments and stuff)
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Yeah we all know its only a matter of months till MFB will get realese worldwide, and so will a TON of official tournaments! I'm 100% that alot of toyshops will have mini tournaments and off course the return of the BEYBLADE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. So what Beyblades will be in your team?
Here are mine(haven't got all of them though)
Storm Pegasis 105RF (Un-customized)
Flame Saggitario (Un-customized)
BB-47 Earth Aquila 145WD(Un Customized)

I will chose more but for now its just three!
Wouldn't the Beyblade Random Thoughts thread be better for this? Anyway, I'll probably be attending shop competitions. I'm 15 so I think I might be over the age limit already for those official Hasbro tournaments. I'm very excited for this release Tongue_out
I'm unsure of the actual point of this ... Most of the stuff should already be listed in Competitive Customisations, and if you have an exciting customisation which isn't on it, post it up in the Customisations Forum.

Experienced players will take numerous Beyblades, for different situations, anyway; potentially a lot more than a list ...