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Full Version: String launcher doesn't work
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so recently I gotmy new string launcher for beyblade. It worked for about 5-6 days and today something happened to it.  When I try to launch beyblade, string comes out and doesn't get inside automaticly. I tried watching some youtube videos for help, but none of them worked. Please, can you tell me the way to fix this problem? Thanks!
You may have to open it up with a screwdriver to see what's happening. When this happened to me, my string had gotten caught in the gears. But in your case it sounds like the winding coil came unseated.

Is this a Hasbro launcher is a TT one?

I wish you luck in fixing this.
mine's is not working and every time I try to launch it it doesn't move the string moves but not the other part and then it gets stuck
your rewind spring may have broken.