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Full Version: Beyblade Bday bash
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hello everybody as my birthday is approaching  I would like to celebrate it by playing Beyblade with everybody and just hanging out and having fun I’m and u don’t have to bring any gifts or anything u could just bring ur Beyblades and have a blast and if we get enough people we could do a tournament with stadiums and maybe some Beyblade for raffles 

this will be in March the 2nd time and park is not available right now but I will tell u all soon when Ik the time and park I would have it at

(My real bday is March 3 but I don’t really like Sundays) just pm me or just I’m in or something like that ? ?
Well this is slightly awkward. Technically, you're not allowed to advertise non-WBO affiliated tournaments through this forum. You could always take the Organizer's Quiz and try to make an official tournament, but it's a lot of work you have to go through, and this is not very much notice.

You also haven't said what general area the birthday is taking place in.

You probably shouldn't invite a bunch of strangers to your birthday party, it isn't very safe.
I am busy that day. I can go if it’s over by 2:00

Also I can help