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Full Version: Ventura county area?
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Anybody interested in coming to tournaments in the Ventura county area?
What state or province is that in?
(Feb. 22, 2019  6:02 AM)DeceasedCrab Wrote: [ -> ]What state or province is that in?

carp I never saw you replied to this it’s in California
We are interested. We live in Ventura.
(Jun. 25, 2019  5:01 AM)Emrlddrgn7 Wrote: [ -> ]We are interested. We live in Ventura.

That’s awesome I’ll be proposing a tournament soon I’ll PM you when it gets approved
I’m interested Insta
It's gonna be lit Here’s a tournament I’m going to be hosting in Ventura
Wish we lived there
Hey guys I'm trying to become an organizer and was wondering if anyone would be interested in a tournament in Ventura, same park or maybe different area as the one that just passed? If you're interested let me know
Hey can we have another one in august