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Full Version: Beyblade Burst App Tournament with Friends
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Hello guys, so i was thinking maybe we could organize a tournament in the Beyblade Burst App by submitting the our nicknames here, adding each other and then invite everyone to play via the Battle League Option.What do you guys think?

My Nickname: RapidDragon6770 Rookie Lvl 16.

Post your nicknames here if you want to participate.Thank you Smile
NimbleVapor3915. Beymaster Lv 99
GlimmeringVeil3657 lvl 99 beymaster
I'll send both of you friend requests.
The tournament started
Ill make a new phone my mom lost old one😡😤

Sorry ment make a new accout
(Feb. 24, 2019  10:43 PM)lilphilyb Wrote: [ -> ]The tournament started

is it already over?
Noits for a whole month
Its not over guys its for a whole month.27 days left.If you want to take part send me a friend request and I will invite you Smile
Sadly I’m using an iphone
Add me in, LuminousEmber4333
Add me too " Crimsonbeast5997 "