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Full Version: Forge Disk - Aero'
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Aero' disk is divided into six, 3 rounds on each side of the disc. From the outside, the Aero' disc is very symmetrical and almost rounded. Only little wings outside of disk (3 wings on each side of the disk). The Aero' disc is light, so it's best to use in Attack combos, or with heavier Disk Frames. The disk is golden color, what is very good to collecting purpose.

==Use in Attack Combos==
Aero' disk is good in Attack Combos Buster Xcalibur/Cho-Z Achilles/Cho-Z Valkyrie Aero' Iron/Destroy/Sword.

Aero' disk is light disk, what is good to collecting purpose and using in attack combos.
Also it holds frames higher than usual potentially making lift, wall, and turn scrape less. It would need testing though.