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Full Version: The Karate Kid (2010) - Wax on, or get To a body bag?
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[Image: the-karate-kid-movie-2010.jpg]

The 2010 remake of the 1984 classic is Will Smith's attempt at creating a vehicle to launch the career of his son, Jaden. From the first trailer I was pretty down on this movie, feeling that it was literally a cash grab based on a name. It didn't feature any of the same characters from the original, the setting was changed, as was the age of the cast, and heck, they weren't even practising karate. I thought all it was going to do was have some neat homages to the original, and after seeing that I wasn't going to spend my money on it. I was going wait for it to air on YTV in a few years.

Enter today.

Now I've seen a few trailers, and it doesn't look horrible. It looks like an entertaining movie with beautiful cinematography, and visuals. I still wish these kids were a little older, Jackie fighting little kids, and Jaden having a love interest are going to be painful to sit through. But other than that, it shows a lot of the elements that made the original great. And that seems to be public opinion, as in test screenings the movie scored the second highest approval rating of any Sony movie ever made. With some who've seen it saying that it'll surprise you, that Chan's performance is worthy of an Oscar (!), and that it's even better than Toy Story 3 (!!). With detractions going towards Jaden's performance, awkward scenes due to the age of the characters, and an end plot that may mirror the original too much. Will I be eating crow when it's released?

International Trailer #2
Official Trailer #2
No Mr. Miyagi, no dice.
NOTHING is better than toy story 3
and why is jackie chan doing this
(Mar. 18, 2010  8:40 AM)catslikeeggs Wrote: [ -> ]and why is jackie chan doing this

Because he's around the end of his career and that's when celebrities start doing movies just for a paycheck, whatever the movies are...

Seriously, isn't he like 55 years old, now? He can't keep on doing all those impressive stunts forever. As for the movie itself, I don't really know what to expect...Seeing the son of Will Smith playing the main character just makes me wonder why he's in there...
Jackie looks pretty good in this. I'd rather he do 4 Karate Kids for every Spy Next Door or something. As for Mr. Miyagi, his original actor, Pat Morita, passed away a few years back, so yeah.
lol is this seriously a giant post about the karate kid
This is a bit of an insult to a seriously great film, well four but you know what i mean. But the story dosen't really stick to the original so i guess it might not ruin it, nothing to get exited over though. Might watch it online or something, i won't be making an effort to go see it or anything. Plus as much as i like Jackie Chan, Mr Miyagi is a legend and can't be replaced.
i cant wait to see this movie ive known about it for ages
omg seriously
12 year olds theese days
Just... No.
The kids look like they're 12. Couldn't they get older actors?
(Mar. 19, 2010  3:29 PM)Boss Wrote: [ -> ]The kids look like they're 12. Couldn't they get older actors?

karate kid
I don't think it looks to bad but I won't see it in the cinema because it costs a lot to see films in the cinema anyway but also because it is just one of those films that I can wait for the DVD to come out.

Also, just because people get old doesn't mean they have lost what they could do when they were younger.
jackie chan owns btw
i'll probably watch it, only because jackie chan's in it. he was one of my childhood heroes lol
There's no way I can't see this if Will Smith and Jackie Chan are involved.
no its his son jaden
im actually gonna watch this
with my big bro
but the only reason im goin
wiv him cos his car has tinted windows
(Mar. 19, 2010  6:52 PM)catslikeeggs Wrote: [ -> ]no its his son jaden
im actually gonna watch this
with my big bro
but the only reason im goin
wiv him cos his car has tinted windows

Please don't. Tired

Also, yeah, Will Smith is not in it and even if he was, it wouldn't be for long. Jackie Chan does give it a good reason to see it though.
Smith is the only reason this movie was even made, lol. He wanted a vehicle to launch his son's career, and got Sony to make this.

As for the Kid part, fun thing, the original Karate Kid was 21 when the original was filmed... Jaden was like 10 years old when this one was filmed. They're going elementary where as the original was high school.
Just heard the Jaden Smith x Justin Bieber theme song for this movie. Yeah, no hope.

(Mar. 19, 2010  3:49 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]jackie chan owns btw
Only reason I'm going to try and blackmail Rocky in to seeing it.
The man is a choreograph genius above all else.
Karate = Japanese
Setting = China
Jackie Chan = Chinese + Does not do Karate

Go figure.
I'd know 'cause I'm Chinese and did Karate. xD
go figure what? It's kind of obvious karate isn't form china.

Besides that, does it really matter? Sure it's called karate kid, but what real significance did it have in the old movies? I don't see what a change in martial arts will bring, as long as it holds the same general principles.
Daniel(from 1980's movie)=15 or 16
Jayden smith= 10 or 11
Mr. Miyagi= old karate master from Okinawa
Jackie chan= old kung fu master from hong kong

it is "basically" the same principle however the old movies were kinda high school drama-ish
I've mentioned this before, but the guy who played Daniel (Ralph Macchio?) was actually 21... At the end of Part 3 he was in his late 20's early 30's IIRC. That's pretty wild. But yeah, Jaden protraying a character so much younger than Daniel is, will make this an awkward watch, especially since it seems there will be a love interest...

I've said this a couple of times before (damn crappy servers), but the reason this movie is called "The Karate Kid" is solely due to marketing. When the movie was in production (ie. script writing, filming, etc.) it was under the name "The Kung Fu Kid" which explains why this movie isn't anything near a remake of the original movie. Sony felt that in certain markets that calling it "The Kung Fu Kid" would lose audiences who watched the original but would skip over this movie because it's just another underdog story, hence the name change to something that invokes nostalgia. In Asian markets, it will be known as "The Kung Fu Kid" rather than "The Karate Kid".
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