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Full Version: All Battles in Beyblade Burst (List)
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I couldn’t find a thread already made on this topic so I just made this new thread. If there happens to be one already, just move it please Smile

This thread is to list as shown in the title, all battles in Beyblade Burst, Beyblade Burst God, and Beyblade Burst Chou Zestu. 
Feel free to add some battles!
Nightmare luinor vs twin noctemis stock combo for both
(Feb. 02, 2019  7:23 AM)RYUGABLADER18 Wrote: [ -> ]Nightmare luinor vs twin noctemis stock combo for both

I don't think they actually fought? As far as I remember, Norman Tarver, the guy who used Noctemis fought against Valt (Strike God Valkyrie 6V Rb, Loss), Shu (Spriggan Requiem 0Zt, Loss and Break), Kurtz (Beat Kukulcan 7U Hn Loss), Cooza (Alter Cronos 6M T Win) and Boa (Arc Bahamut 2B At Win)

Just did a quick search yeah he never fought Lui but he did beat Clio (Deep Chaos 4F Br )