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Full Version: Random Beyblade Burst Lot Takara Tomy
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I know this is a random assortment of pieces but I would like to sell everything together...

Payment via PayPal and items will be shipped from Canada w/tracking.

Taking offers...
[Image: DSC-0157-1.jpg]

Parts Condition: All Takara Tomy


13 - New
4 - New
Ring - Light Play
0 - Light Play
7 - Light Play
1- Heavy Play
5 - Heavy Play


Red Vortex - Heavy Play


Cho-Z Spriggan - Light Play
Cho-Z Achilles - Like New
Red Wolborg - Like New
God Valkyrie Entry Set Ver - Heavy Play *no stickers*
Blue Emperor Forneus - New, no level chip, I have the stickers
Yellow Hazard Kerbeus - New, I have the stickers
Black Duo Artemis - New/Sealed


Atomic -  like new but *white ring is cracked*
Bearing - light play but *has a broken fin from battling revive armor*
Dimension - Like New
Reboot - Heavy Play but *works perfectly*
Survive - New
Sword - New

Thanks for looking!
Are they all TT parts?
(Jan. 29, 2019  3:01 AM)DeceasedCrab Wrote: [ -> ]Are they all TT parts?

Yeah all TT.
I only want the spriggan, Artemis, Achilles, dimension, and sword
Hey! I'm new to this site and Beyblades in general and I was wondering what the standard price for a lot like this would be? Thank you!
(Jan. 30, 2019  6:00 AM)Valt oye Wrote: [ -> ]I only want the spriggan, Artemis, Achilles, dimension, and sword

Like I said I would like to sell it altogether but, if I change my mind on that I will make a post.

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